Instant Article Writer Pro Software Is awful! Buyer Beware! search engine optimization online

Instant Article Writer Pro Software Is awful! Buyer Beware! search engine optimization online marketing bulkping video Writing an article is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your online marketing campaigns. Article marketing in particular has become an effective way to increase traffic even more so than many other online marketing strategies in terms of cost, time and learning curve to employ these tactics. One of the reasons is great software availability that more or less writes articles for you and even submits them to dozens of article global marketing websites. One of these software packages is called Instant Article Writer Pro and I DO NOT recommend using it.

Marketing in this way can be fun and lucrative if you have a good package to help you save time and stay away from frustration.
Instant Article Writer Pro is not one of those packages. Stay away from it at all costs. It’s full of bugs, the makers of the software at don’t care if you have paid your and the software doesn’t work. Even though you can cancel your monthly subscription after the first month, he still gets your and refuses to pay you back.

I would avoid this software and his company at all costs. Although it’s only , if you’re an unsatisfied customer, you will be out of luck. I guess he figures you won’t make too many waves because after all it’s only and you will get tired of being ignored by his customer service department and just go away.

We have to be careful about rewarding people in this way. It may be only to you and I but if 1,000 unsuspecting people pay for this substandard script per month, that’s ,000 in his pocket.

The tutorial videos he gives you on his site are probably something that he made a long time ago before after gathering all the date before hand. Keyword searches have turned up little to nothing useful for me on concepts that one might think were popular like “photography” and “real estate investments”. mass ping article, marketing, writing, software, internet, tutorials, targeted, traffic, SEO

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