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San Diego Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing Company, , a professional Social Media and Internet Marketing Consulting organization in San Diego County can develop an online marketing plan, organize the resources, identify deficiencies, launch and execute a plan that fits your budget without impacting your primary focus as a business owner — Managing your business!

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Businesses of all types are just starting to realize that Internet and Mobile devices have forever revolutionized marketing as we know it, and those who don’t or resist change will soon find out or have found out that they must develop an effective online presence to stay in business. It is no longer a choice to have an online presence but a necessity!

Due to the large growing number of Internet and Mobile device users of these relatively new mediums of communication they are fast displacing Old-School advertising mediums like newspaper ads, phone books, direct mail and even television and radio! Don’t believe me? When was the last time you used a phone book? 3-4 years ago?… and now, When was the last time you left your cell phone behind while you ran errands, went to work, school, etc? Probably never, right?… This is important to know regardless whether your business serves the local, regional, nationwide, or global market.

People have embraced the Internet and “Smart Phones” and there is no turning back. According to the BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing consumer tracking study, nearly all consumers (97%) use the Internet and Mobile phones when researching products or services. Which is why it is so important to establish an effective, pro-active online presence that actively engages potential clients looking for your products and services through the use of social media (Facebook), video marketing (YouTube), article marketing (Squidoo), blogging (WordPress), e-mail auto-responder (Automated Follow-Up), SMS (Short Message Service, Google Places (Local Search), and so much more!

Most business owners like yourself are busy running the business and trying to figure out how to keep the doors open by staying profitable. That is why most business owners find it difficult to make time, develop an online/offline marketing program, and actually follow-through. This is why most business struggle, thus contributing to a low (26%) of businesses that actually do invest time and money in this area.

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