Search Engine Optimization Thailand Company is where we do search engine optimization for business websites, well, what does that mean? In plain words it is all the technical things we do at to your website to make sure that Google ranks you high on their search engine. More than 80% of people who want to look for or buy something online go to Google Search to find what they need.

Why do you have to rank on the search engines? It is important to have proper search engine optimization, SEO, done to your website so that your potential clients will be able to find you easily on Google search, Yahoo and Bing. People who are looking for your business, but don’t know your brand yet, will all go to a search engine and type in what we call a ‘search query’ and if you are on top of the search engines you will make more sales!

What will you do on my website? There are more than 200 different Google ranking signals that count towards being regarded as having the quality to be on the first page of Google. Some of the things we will optimize on your website are; title tags, Meta description, site speed, sitemaps, images, website linking structure, outbound links, main keywords percentage and placements, and much more.

It all sounds super technical and complicated! Don’t worry, we are SEO experts and we have successfully been doing search engine optimization for more than a hundred business owners, just like you. You don’t need to learn new technical terminology, you just have to get ready to be contacted much more than you are used to now through your website. This is due to the fact that we are making sure that you have improved your rankings on the search engines significantly which will automatically create more visitors to your website.

OK, how do I get started? First step is for you to go to our website,, and fill out the discovery form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with a full analysis of how fast we can improve your ranking and what needs to be done for you to start profiting on our mutual efforts. If you spend 1-5% of your profits and gain 10-30% in sales, it is worth it, right? You have nothing to lose but customers.

If you should have any questions after filling out the Discovery Form on our site please just contact us through our contact page on our website.

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